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Category: Online Recipe Websites (AKA Cooking Websites)
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Epicurious Review

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Unlike many other online recipe sites we reviewed that are marketed towards cooks, Epicurious is “for people who love to eat”. In this way, Epicurious is far more than just a recipe website; it is, rather, an online space and community for everything food. From restaurants and wine guides to blogs and podcasts, this site is for those who love to cook, eat, talk and think food. Best of all, Epicurious is completely free! Sounds too good to be true? Well here at number one reviews we’ve done the research, so please read on for our verdict of Epicurious.com.

The core of any recipe website must be its catalogue of recipes and the manner in which this is organized. In this aspect, Epicurious doesn’t fail to impress. Recipes are intuitively categorized according to a wide range of characteristics such as budget, nutrition, ingredients, cuisine and many more. This means that you can make your search as specific as you need; whether you want a locally sourced, vegetarian dish for a Moroccan themed children’s Halloween party, or a just a quick and cheap eat, if Epicurious has it, you’ll find it there! Furthermore, due to Epicurious’ extensive collection your search should provide you with a range of options from which you can select the recipe best suited to you (assuming your requirements are not too specific!).

Each recipe can be commented on which adds a personal dimension as you can get some useful hints and tips on how to tweak the recipe in order to suit your kitchen or taste buds. Recipes that you like can be saved and accessed at a later date allowing you to build up a collection of your personal favorites; this tool is especially good for sharing your recipes with friends, be it by printing them out or emailing. We especially liked the wine pairings feature which is not only a great reference for when you are choosing which wine to go with your dinner, but also a great educational tool. Practically, there is a food dictionary to help you get down with the foodie lingo as well as a useful conversion chart to help you understand measurements as you know them.

As with most products in this category, Epicurious offer great resources for improving yourself as a cook such as how-to guides, step-by-step tutorials and technique videos. From complete beginners to seasoned chefs, there will be something for everyone here and if you should have any specific questions, you can always post them on one of the forums which are frequented by editors, experts, professionals and amateurs alike. This brings us onto Epicurious’ community features which we can safely say are the most advanced in this category. Users can chat amongst themselves, share videos, read blogs, enjoy guest editors and much more. Furthermore, your passion for food does not have to stay in the house. Epicurious offer one of the best smart phone apps in this category, as well as some great podcasts, allowing you to access your recipes on the go. Also, you can find listings, articles and reviews of a wide range of restaurants, culinary classes and tasting events in your area.

In conclusion, although not being the most recipe intensive website in this category, Epicurious is certainly the most varied and well rounded. If it wasn’t for the lack of a few key features such as customizable recipes, it would have easily made the number one spot. However, this can be easily forgiven when we consider that Epicurious is 100% free! Check it out today; if you love food, we can guarantee you’ll love Epicurious.

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