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Cooking Light is one of the world’s most trusted food and lifestyle brands. Originally a magazine, the brand has now moved to the web to continue in its mission to help people “eat smart and live a healthier lifestyle”. This is done by translating cutting edge nutritional research into recipes that you can use in your own home. For this purpose, Cooking Light is full of tools to help you make informed choices for a healthy lifestyle, food being central to this. In this way, Cooking Light acts as a bridge between the scientific world of nutrition and the personal world of cooking.

Although smaller than some other sites in this category, Cooking Light still boasts an impressive archive of recipes, all of which are professionally tested by test-kitchens and professional dietitians. This ensures a persistently high standard of recipes from which to choose from. We must say that we did find it slightly annoying that there was no advanced search engine. Despite recipe categorization and a key word search, finding the right recipe was far quicker on other websites. This said, Cooking Light’s partner site, MyRecipes, do provide an advanced search engine with which Cooking Light recipes can be found. However, Cooking Light only recipes cannot be specified in the search options.

Lack of advanced search engine aside, Cooking Light is a resource heavy website. With plenty of how-to guides and technique videos, beginner cooks should have no problem in developing their culinary skills. Immediately upon visiting the Cooking Light home page users are presented with seasonal recipe ideas and topical food related articles. As with the recipes, all articles on the website are vetted by an advisory board of leading physicians, dietitians and research specialists. Upon signing up, you will be able to save recipes you like and become part of a robust online community including discussion forums and Supper Clubs. These Supper Clubs are becoming more and more fashionable and are a great way to put your culinary skills to the test, enjoy some fantastic food and meet some great people along the way. In sum, although slightly behind some competitors in this category, what Cooking Light do offer in terms of community does the job.

Healthy living is obviously about more than just food and Cooking Light are well aware of this. Hence, you will also find articles and guidance on general healthy living to accompany your healthy diet. Read about exercise, sport and travel and how these aspects of your life are intimately related to the food you eat. We especially liked the range of blogs at Cooking Light which provide a varied, personal and up to date approach to healthy living.

Overall, Cooking Light do an excellent job of turning healthy living from a chore to an enjoyable lifestyle choice. The recipes of theirs that we tried were indeed healthy and nutritious as well as tasty. Rather than simply a recipe site, Cooking Light attempt to impart a philosophy; the healthier we are, the happier we are. We would not recommend this site for those simply looking for a reference, or who are not bothered about healthy eating. Instead, anyone already into healthy living, or who wants to improve their lifestyle, will find an excellent array of articles and resources at their disposal at Cooking Light.com

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