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Cooking.com Review

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Upon first visiting Cooking.com, we couldn’t help feeling as though both the design and layout of the website were slightly out of date. However, after taking a look around it soon become clear that Cooking.com is home to a wealth of recipes sorted according to a variety of categories. Upon becoming a member you can upload recipes, leave reviews and discuss all things culinary on the member forum. Also of note is a massive range of kitchen utensils, cooking appliances and kitchenware with which you can equip your kitchen.

Finding your desired recipe is simple enough with neat classifications and an advanced search engine. Each recipe is easy to follow and includes a review section where users can leave tips and hints. We would strongly recommend visiting this section as it is really useful in helping you tailor the recipe towards your preferences, kitchen and capabilities; a few small factors that could make or break the outcome! Recipes you like can either be shared or stored for future use meaning that in a small time you will be able to build up a nice little collection of recipes. We especially liked the direct links from each recipe to the recipe glossary which makes Cooking.com’s recipes easier for beginners to follow.

Here, however, is where Cooking.com’s features abruptly stop. Unlike other sites in this category there are no how-to videos, limited topical articles and the site offers nothing beyond single meal recipes. There is a community forum, but it looks though it hasn’t been updated since the site was launched in 1998! Beginners will have to look elsewhere for tips on how to actually make most of the recipes a reality while experienced cooks are unlikely to find anything they didn’t already know about. Furthermore, the site is not very engaging, making it little more than a source of reference. If you can’t remember how much baking powder to put in your cookie dough, you’ll find it here, but even this can be frustrating as measurements are only in cups with no available conversions.

In conclusion, Cooking.com is basically a shop with an attached recipe archive. With a rather dull user interface and no unique selling point there are plenty of other recipe websites we would recommend above this one as your first port of call. Despite boasting a relatively big archive, the majority of Cooking.com’s recipes can be found elsewhere in a far more accessible and engaging format. This said, those looking for a straight forward recipe reference site may find something of worth here, so don’t write it off until you check it out for yourself.

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