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Martha Stewart Living Review

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Perhaps one of the most well known and trusted names in the field of all things domestic, MarthaStewart.com is also one of the most popular websites out there when it comes to online recipes. This could well be due to the fact that she effectively brings to her website her straight forward yet informative approach that made her television shows so popular. Along with an extensive and well organized archive of good recipes you will find instructional videos, blogs, a users’ forum, podcasts and much more. Furthermore, aside from the food section of this website, there are several other sections covering related and complementary themes such as entertaining and crafts.

Although MarthaStewart.com may not boast as many recipes as some other sites in this category, the quantity will still satisfy most users and the quality of each recipe we tried was fantastic. Most are easy to follow and use everyday ingredients, but there are also some more exotic and challenging dishes if you happen to feel like putting your culinary skills to the test. One minor negative we must point out is that MarthaStewart.com does not have a vegan recipe section unlike almost every other website in this category. With more and more people either becoming vegan, or interested in the cuisine, this is a trick missed by Martha. The same can be said for recipes for those with specific dietary needs which, although not as common on other websites, are still absent from MarthStewart.com. Overall however, we were still very pleased with the selection and quality of the recipes on offer; if you know and like Martha Stewart you won’t be disappointed.

For those of us who are not confident cooks, but want to ditch the takeaways and ready meals, or impress that certain someone, almost everything you could want to know about culinary technique can be learnt from Martha Stewart’s how-to guides, technique videos and cooking 101. Any other questions you may have can be posted on the members’ forum. This is, in itself, is very useful but unfortunately its presence only drew our attention to the absence of any other community features. With limited profiles, chat and other social media tools, MarthaStewart.com is far behind many other sites in this category. This said, in our opinion, the key community features such as recipe ratings, a forum and sharing recipes are still there, and so if you are simply looking for a recipe website, you won’t be missing out.

What we really liked about MarthaSteward.com were the additional sections on related and complementary themes. This gave us the feeling that the website sees food as not just about eating, but as a central tenant to many aspects of your life. Be it community bake sales, Halloween parties, entertaining guests or whole living, Martha Stewart really believes that we are what we eat; a philosophy we wholeheartedly agree with. Practically, this means; you’ll find advice on table setting, presentation and etiquette to go with that gourmet meal you’re to cook for the queen when she comes to visit; Halloween costumes to accompany your haunted house cake; and diets to help you cope with stress (probably because the queen’s coming to dinner!). We loved this part of MarthaStewart.com as it really delivers the whole lifestyle package.

In sum, although neither the biggest nor most advanced recipe database and without some of flashier additional features that many other sites in this category boast, we still loved MarthaStewart.com. It is the only site in this category that effectively integrates your food into other aspects of your lifestyle and for this reason alone it is definitely worth a look.

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