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Food Network Review

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Anyone familiar with the Food Network from T.V. will feel instantly at home on their fantastic website which is made to feel like an online version of this popular channel. The website offers all the recipes from all the shows as well as many more from their archives and featured in blogs; if you saw a great recipe on The Food Network, or just want to browse what they have on offer, this would be a good first stop. Along with an extensive and varied collection of recipes, users will find how-to guides, beginners cooking tutorials and technique videos. We were especially impressed that many of the resources have been designed to not assume that you have a high-tech super kitchen like they do on The Food Network shows.

The Food Network’s archives are well categorized according to popular themes and preferences. Their advanced search feature takes a lot of the effort out of digging up a good recipe by presenting you with several alternatives meeting your criteria. We personally liked the quick recipe finder which is great for those of us in a hurry; simply input what you want to make in how long and with what key ingredient and away you go! Users with their favorite particular chef from The Food Network are also able to search their specific recipes. This is fantastic seeing as The Food Network features many of the best celebrity chefs in the world, making the site the next best thing to owning the recipe books of top chefs such as Nigela Lawson, Jamie Oliver and Alton Brown.

It is this “entertainment factor” that sets The Food Network apart from its competitors in this category. All the articles and blogs are written in an interesting and accessible way. In fact, we found ourselves reading away just out of interest rather than due to any specific culinary desires. You can also access many recent and past episodes of popular Food Network shows which make your culinary education addictively entertaining. It is quite clear that The Food Network have made a substantial effort to bring their knowledge, experience and credibility to their website, leaving you with a convenient, detailed and engaging resource, accessible at home or on the go.

Anyone familiar with The Food Network will know that the channel attempts to strike a comfortable balance between gourmet and everyday. The same can be said for their website, except that you are able to follow instructions in more detail and at your own pace. Due to this, however, it is unavoidable that the focus on entertainment will slightly detract from the practicality and professionalism of this website. Many featured recipes are fun to read  but are slightly unrealistic to actually make. Also, we did find that The Food Network does tend to skim over some details that chefs and aficionados would find indispensible. For this reason, although we would happily give The Food Network top marks as an entertainment site, we did not feel able to award it our number one spot.

In sum, if you like The Food Network, you’ll love their website as it is basically their whole channel boiled down to the best bits. This said, even those unfamiliar with the channel will find the site a fantastic source of varied recipes and culinary entertainment.

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