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Delia Online Review

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If we had to describe Delia Online in one word it would be “practical”. However, upon further investigation we began to like it more and more until we were bursting with praise for this well-designed, high quality recipe website.

Beginning with the recipes, although not nearly the most extensive online recipe archive out there, there are easily enough to satisfy most users. If you have something very specific in mind, you may need to look elsewhere. However, with a little flexibility in your preferences, Delia Online should offer up several potential recipes with which to convert your ingredients into something edible. It is in the actual content of each recipe that Delia really comes into her own: instructions are simple, easy to follow, yet based on impeccable technique; ingredients are all hyperlinked; equipment specifications provided; users have the option to print, save or share; measurements can be converted; there are links to related recipes. Furthermore, Delia Smith injects her unique style into all the text making the recipes on this site as good as her books.

Along with an excellent selection of fantastic recipes, Delia Online is one of the best online sources of hints, tips and how-to guides; be these for your ingredients, techniques or equipment. The ingredients section will run you through the most obscure ingredients, their season, how to prepare them and where to source them. The how to cook section takes you right back to the basics with step by step guides on basic cookery skills such as cooking the perfect rice, scrambling eggs and de-boning a chicken. Many websites skip right past this, assuming you already know it while the fact is that many people don’t and such basics can make or break a meal. Finally, Delia’s equipment recommendations are objective, well-written and can save you wasting a lot of money of some potentially very expensive items of kitchen equipment.

The community features of Delia online are far from advanced but still do the job; although there are only a few forums, these are well-attended and the competitions can be fun to enter.

Delia Smith is a national institution in the UK and is well known throughout the world. As one of the first and most famous brands of “celebrity chef”, she has stood the test of time and relies on high quality recipes rather than personality and gimmicks that are becoming more and more common in this sector. Although she is seen by some as rather old fashioned, the content on her website begs to differ. With “cheat meals”, cost per serving and international cuisine she has broadened her appeal to beyond the classic English housewife. Consequently, we would recommend DeliaOnline to all cooks, from beginner to expert. Furthermore, if you are already a fan of Delia, you will love this website as it brings her classic cooking into the 21st century.

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