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From great to horrible!
11 March 2021
Reviewer: Frustrated User from Southern California

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I'm an amateur cook that looks for easy, proven recipes to make for my family. My review is written form tis perspective.

This website used to be a great and one I highly recommended to fiends. Unfortunately, updates over the past few years have made it frustratingly difficult to use - to the point where I (sadly!) will no longer use or recommend it.

Here are some reasons why:

1. The ability to search for recipes and sort by "User Ratings" or "# of reviews" was very helpful. This feature is now gone.

2. A search returns many erroneous results. For example, a search for "Bean Soup" or "Beef Stew" returns a long list of results many of which have nothing to so with the search term ... or may have one erroneous ingredient that contains "Beef" or "Beans".

3. I used to save and categorize my favorite recipes in a simple "Windows Explorer" folder-structure type interface. While it may not have been elegant, it was very user friendly. With their move to photo-like interface several years ago, I now have to scroll through pages upon pages to find anything useful... plus they have done away with hat was a very nice folder-style recipe structure - and many of my favorite recipes have disappeared!!

4. The "Favorite" feature is now hidden deep in the "Account" menu and his hard to find. Feels like they are trying to slowly de-activate this feature

5. The ability to adjust serving quantities and print the result was great. The printout (helpful when cooking or shopping) no longer reflects the adjusted serving size.

I could go on ...

On the plus side - The recipe content and user reviews (if you can find it) are still good but the user interface has deteriorated to the point where the site is no longer usable. Any messages to customer care go unheard and unanswered as seen by MANY negative web reviews from other users who have seen this decline.

I have no idea why this would even make a Top 10 list- and certainly not the #1 spot.

In summary, I would not recommend All Recipes to a friend.

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